Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Artist to Watch: The Golden Filter

Although on the surface this duo may somewhat resemble the Ting Tings, with their stylish platinum blonde lead singer and analog/synth player behind black rimmed spectacles their sound is would be anything but.

Lead singer Penelope grew up near Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia while Stephen, their analog programmer is from Ohio. Although these two have become the face for the Golden Filter, they have a drummer, Lisa, whom joins them onstage live.

I first heard this band's single "Solid Gold" in A-Trak's "Infinity +1" mixtape and the 30 second sample jumped out to me. Even though the lyrics are somewhat repetitive and simple, Penelope's light voice is entrancing and perfect for the warped disco beat. The band 's second single "Thunderbird" was scheduled to be released on November 16th, but was leaked onto the internet in early October. This single almost takes on more of a funk feel, more heavy on drums with echoing vocals. Based on these two singles I believe this band could really emerge onto the music scene.

They performed in the 2009 SXSW and toured in the U.S. with the Presets up until April 2009. Besides their own music, the Golden Filter have also released remixes of Empire of the Sun's "We Are the People", Cut Copy's "Far Away", and Little Boot's "New in Town".

Here is their video for "Solid Gold:

You can pre-order the "Thunderbird" single on a 12" record, which will also include a cover of the White Stripes' "Hardest Button to Button". http://shop.dummymag.com/product/the-golden-filter-thunderbird

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  1. I love the Golden Filter. Thanks for posting this!