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Amazing Baby Rock Los Angeles

Amazing Baby have been touring non-stop for more than 6 months now. They have traveled across the globe in promotion of their debut full length album, Rewild, and after a few weeks off this October, they'll be heading back on the road again. So, when I interviewed Amazing Baby frontman Will Roan two weeks prior to the band's September 23rd Los Angeles tour date and heard him divulge how overwhelming endless traveling can be, I began to wonder if my show date would bring me five exhausted musicians and a lackluster at best performance. Boy was I wrong. 

Video by Eszter Zimanyi

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I set out towards Los Angeles with my good friend, and official photographer for the night, Anneliese Wilson. We arrived at the Troubadour an hour before doors, and after spending a good twenty minutes looking for parking, we meandered over to the small line formed outside the venue and waited to be let inside. While we waited, Anneliese worked on putting together her camera, which had to have weighed around 20 lbs. Not surprisingly, she dropped her lens on to the pavement, and ended up jamming it. Why am I telling you this? No reason other than the camera lens cost around $3,000 and I'd like to personally commend her on keeping it together after such an unfortunate accident. If it had been me, I probably would have turned catatonic, but Anneliese resolved to have fun at the show and take pictures as best she could despite technical difficulty. She really is a supreme person. 

Much to my amazement, a sizable crowd began to form inside the Troubadour within minutes of doors opening.  I had expected a slow turn out, being that it was a Wednesday night, but Amazing Baby, along with their openers Night Horse and The Entrance Band (both of which are based in Los Angeles), drew a huge crowd. The relatively small sized venue seemed to double in size as a sea of people packed the balconies and main floor. Recognizeable faces at the show included Michael Gold of Los Angeles rock band Dazzler and Yasmine Kittles of LA based noise band Tearist. 

Photo by Anneliese Wilson 

 Amazing Baby took the stage around 11:15 PM and opened with their first single off the album, "Headdress". They followed it up with the newly released "Supreme Being" which had a slightly reworked arrangement and sounded incredible. From the moment Roan opened his mouth to sing, all my worries of a band noticeably exhausted dissipated. The audience and the band seemed to feed off each others' energy throughout the night, making the show one of the better live experiences I've had. Amazing Baby performed with the kind of energy that as an audience member you only dream of. The excitement and joy this band has for playing music is literally infectious; Roan had a goofy grin on his face for the entire set, and seeing the band so happy to play made me fall in love with them all over again. 

Photo by Eszter Zimanyi

The group put together quite the light show as well. Fog machines and strobe lights were a heavy theme throughout the night, and my only complaint is that half way through I began to wonder if I might suffer a seizure from the constant flashing. It was definitely a sensory overload.

Amazing Baby ripped through their set and I was astonished when at seven songs they prepared to walk off stage. They played Headdress, Supreme Being, Kankra, Roverfrenz, The Narwhal, Bayonets, and were joined by Night Horse singer Sam Velde during Invisible Palace. The band returned for an encore of "Pump Yr Brakes" before officially calling it a night, but even with an encore I was left wanting more.

Will Roan
Photo by Anneliese Wilson
Despite a set that felt too short to be real, Amazing Baby killed it. This is a band that clearly loves playing together and lives for performing. They sound just as good live as they do on record, and their ability to lengthen their songs with instrumentals while avoiding the loss of audience attention is a testament to how captivating they are as performers. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys start selling out stadiums a few years from now, and I will definitely make a point of seeing them again next time they roll through town. 

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