Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Locals Showcase: Moostache

The Huntington Beach based, sibling quartet, Moostache, may be notably recognized for their quirky, avant-garde name, but don’t be fooled. The Orange County native’s most recent release, The Body Disagrees, portrays a keen sense of maturity that provides a better look into who these indie rockers truly are.

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Having grown up in a musically inclined family, the Wardell brothers began playing music together at very young ages. After years of mere child’s play (no pun intended), Moostache was birthed and thrown into an ever-evolving local music circuit.

“We’ve always jammed and played music,” lead singer and guitarist Patrick Wardell explained. “But we finally got together and started jamming with our original keyboardist and we met Scott (guitar) through him.”

In their first surge into the public eye, Moostache assembled for a nonchalant, student organized concert at Marina High School. The gig was put on, courtesy of a business management class where students were instructed to form mock businesses. It was then that the Huntington Beach inhabitants realized their desire to pursue the Stache.

In the following 11 months, Wardell and his kin, alongside guitarist, Scott Zscomler (former Odd Project), managed to release a six song EP (Self-titled), a full-length album (The Body Disagrees), a music video and found time to fit in a two week tour up the west coast while attending school and working. Not too busy, right?

Growing up with band mates has provided a lot of room for open scrutiny among the members of Moostache. Wardell said he’s found it harder to openly criticize former musical comrades when it comes to creating and performing music than it is to castigate his brothers.

“When you’ve been growing up with them, there’s no barrier there,”Wardell said. “You’re pretty much just going to say whatever you feel.”

Harmless brother bashing is not the only time when Wardell feels compelled to speak his mind. The 18 year old lead singer said his lyrics are all relative to life experience and are formed in an exaggerated, spontaneous fashion.

“I’ll take a situation and make it bigger than it actually is just for the purpose of writing a song,” Wardell said. “A lot of it is just over-dramatized.”

Even if most of the songs on The Body Disagrees are based on embellished epics of a disconcerted youth, they sure are convincing. The album upholds strong from start to finish with radiant harmonies interlaced with the raw orchestration of conventional rock instruments. It’s definitely memorable.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more to come from Moostache including a series of acoustic albums titled: Acoustache. Also, check them out at:




Here is Moostache's debut music video, The Body Disagrees:

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