Monday, September 28, 2009

Artist to Watch: Wolf In A Spacesuit

 Photo courtesy of Wolf In A Spacesuit

Wolf In A Spacesuit has made an interesting decision in refusing to disclose their identities. Hiding behind a veil of canine anonymity, Wolf In A Spacesuit first garnered attention through the support of psych-pop darlings MGMT, who placed the group in their coveted top friends list. The band's anonymity is both intriguing and infuriating, but above all else, it forces listeners to make judgements purely on the sounds they hear, and not on the physical appearance of the artists creating them.

In this case, the Chicago-based trio is quickly proving they more than live up to the hype with their newly released EP entitled "Pomegranate Stationary". The five song EP is filled with infectious beats and smooth harmonies that will cause even the most cynical listener to want to get up and dance.  Track "I Fee Nthg" has a nostalgic 80s feel to it reminiscent of classic pop acts like George Michael and Prince. It's the type of song that would fit perfectly into a classic John Hughes 'brat pack' movie. "Like a Lover" sees a female singer take the reigns (fans of Metric's Emily Haines will enjoy her sound) and the playful boy-girl dynamic that runs through the EP makes Wolf In A Spacesuit irresistibly sexy. "Bark of a Cedar" is probably the standout track of the album and combines sleek electronic sounds with a spacey R&B slow-jam ballad feel. Listeners beware, however, WIAS accidentally put an older version of the song in their free EP download which, although still great, is noticeably missing some lyrics. "Pomegranate Stationary" wraps up with '700,000,000 Miles', an effortlessly lush track that, while somewhat repetitious, refuses to get old.

Wolf In A Spacesuit has managed to create a sound that is not only catchy, but remarkably mature for such a young band. They are a group that I see a great amount of potential in, and they have definitely left me hungry for more.

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Be sure to visit Wolf In A Spacesuit's MySpace for information on tour dates and a FREE download of their EP "Pomegranate Stationary". You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

Posted by Eszter Zimanyi


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