Thursday, March 26, 2009

Loud Nights at Mute Fridays

Friday nights at Santa Ana's Proof Bar are home to booty shakin' and heavy dance beats with Club Mute.

Mute brings the Los Angeles nightclub vibe to life in Orange County. Ruling Orange County's Friday night club scene for over two years, Proof has made a name for itself, attracting big name talent as guest DJs.
Recently, I've been in contact with resident DJ Chris Santiago. Mute Fridays are run by Joseph Wilson, Ralph Milan and Chris Santiago. Santiago is a resident DJ for Mute on Friday nights as well as performing in other Mute97 related events. Recently, they had an event on the roof of the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. Santiago also runs the Mute97 blog.

Santiago said his love for music is the reason why he participates with Mute.

"I love making people dance. I love finding common ground with perfect strangers through music and a dance floor. I fell in love with the DJ scene after my first rave back in the day. That night a DJ changed my life."

Download a live mix by DJ Chris Santiago at Mute.
(Right Click to Download)

Mute is held every Friday at Proof Bar in Santa Ana. Proof Bar is located at 215 N Broadway, Santa Ana.

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