Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Twelves are coming, The Twelves are coming.

The Twelves is a DJ duo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira formed the group in 2006 and named it after a strange coincidence - they share the same birthday, the 12th of July, 1980.

The Twelves' style is a funky take on house and dance music. Where I see most DJs are relying on huge kick drum sounds and a heavy bass line ala Crookers, The Twelves brings a funky, disco influence to its music. It's just smooth. You can't help but dance and feel the grooves with this stuff.

Another amazing thing about The Twelves is its live improvisation. It's more than two turntables and a laptop. They group incorporates live keyboards and drum machines, and mashing up and remixing on the fly. Every night The Twelves play is a different take on these songs.

I feel like it's going back to the House music of old, similar to Daft Punk and songs by Alan Braxe. Lately, house music has been coming heavier and heavier, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some of my favorite groups are The Bloody Beetroots and Boys Noize which have their fair share of pounding beats and heavy basslines. Something about the smooth, funky feel of a disco-house song just gets to me though.

Here is a video of "When You Talk" by The Twelves.

The Twelves are playing Control club at the Avalon in Hollywood Friday night. Don't miss this, you won't be disappointed.

The Avalon is at 1735 Vine St., Los Angeles.

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