Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to the 60's

I may be behind the cutting edge on this so please excuse me, but I'm loving the resurgence in musical stylings inspired by music from the 1960s.

I never thought I'd be comparing and trading musical tastes with my parents. Me, listen to 60s music? Never. That was their time, this is mine.

Lately though, I've grown a newfound appreciation for this classic era. Now, I couldn't imagine spending a day without James Brown telling me to get on the good foot, the Count Five documenting a psychotic reaction or the Beatles wanting to hold my hand. Soul and Garage have invaded my musical tastes and there is no escape.

Today, we've got some great tunes for you to discover and enjoy.
First up, we've got Dr. Dog with "From" off their album Fate.
This song sounds like a long-lost Beatles treasure. You hear hints of "Hey Jude" thrown in the mix of this haunting, surreal take on the classic and catchy Beatles sound. Although this band borrows from the style of The Band, The Beatles and the Beach Boys, their sound is all their own.

Next, we've got one of my personal favorites, New York post-garage band The Walkman with "In The New Year" off their 2008 release You & Me.
You'd have to be deaf to not notice vocalist Hamilton Leithouser's Dylan-esque vocals. This song evokes Bob Dylan in a spacey, atmospheric song. The blend of sparse drums, upright piano and vintage instruments give The Walkmen a unique and dreamlike sound.

Raphael Saadiq with "Sure Hope You Mean It" off his 2008 release The Way I See It.
I love this. This is Raphael Saadiq's take on classic 60s soul music. I can't get Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is" out of my head when I hear this song, in a good way. Not a copycat, but a variation on a common theme. This Grammy nominated album is Saadiq's take on classic 60s soul, after years of producing and singing contemporary R&B records.

I could mention the likes of Amy Winehouse and Duffy, but those 60s references are obvious. This list is to expose you to something (hopefully) new. Next time, I'll explore the return of disco (not a bad thing.)


  1. Hey, I'm sure this is kind of late and all but I just came across your blog and you post a lot of good stuff. But the band is The Walkmen, not Walkman. Keep up the good work though.

  2. One of my favorites and I misspell their name, crap!