Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clip of the Week Feb. 16: Freedom of '76 by Ween

Not only does YouTube offer a world of biting Charlie's and double rainbows, it serves as a giant library of music videos, clips, and performances. Every Wednesday, the day the Coast Report publishes, The Music Pirate will post a Clip of the Week.

Artist: Ween
Song: "Freedom of '76"
Album: Chocolate and Cheese (1994)

Who better to perform on Jane Pratt, a Lifetime talk show aimed at young women, than the Gener and Deaner. Ween was one of most talented acts that emerged from the alternative era. Despite their bizarre humor, Ween crafted songs in a variety of spectrum's, even if it sounded like a a history of music, on mushrooms, through a circus house of mirrors.

This is an early, and very surreal live performance of "Freedom of '76," their twist on Philly soul, and a good introduction for first time listeners.

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