Monday, November 1, 2010

Call the cops, literally

Call the Cops Events lived up to their name Wednesday when the police actually were called to the scene in response to a reported fight between security and club-goers. The irate crowd slowly dispersed through the parking lot lingering in clusters trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The fights started before Glen Christensen, a 20-year-old undecided major at OCC, was able to perform his set as Glendulum. Christensen was disappointed that security shut the whole club down as opposed to keeping the brawl an isolated incident.

DJ DOESBURG AT CALL THE COPS [photo by Fred Randall]

However his spirits about the night were still high. “I’d say tonight was pretty drum and bass,” Christensen said. “It was a pretty drum and bass fight too.”

Numerous DJ’s, some of whom are Orange Coast College students, performed electro, dub-step, and drum and bass at the "Freaks Come Out at Night" event at the Chateaux Lounge in Irvine.

The club was packed as costumed clubbers and OCC students alike got crazy on the dance floor. The music was playing loud and fast as the group of seven DJ’s performed encompassing genres such as hip-hop, reggae and electro.

DJ’s Faz, BLK LST, Fuss, 3 Kilos, Rankin, Thompson and Glendulum were scheduled to perform. However, fights broke out between security and club goers well before the night was over.

Kip Armstrong, a 21-year-old undecided major at OCC, was performing Drum and Bass under his DJ alias Thompson as the fights broke out. The situation became critical as punches began to be thrown in the back of the club.

Within minutes security had shut down the music and emptied the club, herding and shoving patrons through the exit. In the confusion that followed there was little to comprehend other than the intense ringing in my ears.

When reaching the exit the hostility of this evacuation became quite clear. Shouting and shoving between security and club goers, my immediate instinct was to stay low and get well out of arms reach.

What had become of a great night of dancing, costumes and music? Where had all this negativity come from? And why was security dishing out punches at an 18 and over event?

If you're into an unpredicatble night of drum and bass, dub-step and electro keep your eyes out for more Call the Cops Events on their website.

-Fred Randall

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