Monday, September 27, 2010

Jeramiah Red kicks up dirty blues

JERAMIAH RED: (from left) Wes Dickson, Travis Ruiz, Matt Pleskacz, Ian Cullen, Tim Miller. Photo by Austin Ruiz.

            With a soulful, charismatic swagger, Jeramiah Red is kicking up dust in the Orange County music scene with reckless abandon.
            Inspired by acts like The Black Keys and Bob Dylan, Jeramiah Red’s sound is an intoxicating blend of blues and classic rock. The bite of the group’s lyrics coupled with the warm tones of acoustic guitar and harmonica make every song go down like the whiskey in their veins, and they are picking up speed.
            Jeramiah Red rose from the ashes of several of the members’ past acts. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Wes Dickson, 24, played in punk band The Relentless with Jeramiah Red’s bassist Tim Miller, 24, prior to forming the group.
Vocalist and lead guitarist Ian Cullen, 21, drummer Matt Pleskacz, 25, and percussionist and harmonica player Travis Ruiz, 23, were also in a former band together. Cullen described the band, they asked not to include the name, as a “hip-hop Jack Johnson band.”
The two former bands merged into Jeramiah Red in 2008.
            “Me and Wes are from such different backgrounds that we come together between mainstream and alternative,” Cullen said.
            To watch Jeramiah Red play is to see five friends really work toward something they all feel potential in. Their energy is awesome.
            “I’m super happy to be in this band—I’ve done enough stupid stuff,” Cullen said from the band’s practice space overlooking a Diamond Bar valley.
            The group’s passion for the music they create sings out in each song they play. The boot-stomping beats of “My Baby” and “Whole Lotta Love” demand a listener to their feet, and the fiery vocals keep them there. Naturally, Jeramiah Red wants to reach out.
            “When you write a new song, you want to show the world,” Ruiz said.
            Jeramiah Red fairly recently hired manager Matt Gardner to help execute its vision.
            “Wes came to me saying he wanted to get serious, and right out of the gate they got a show at the House of Blues,” Gardner said.
            The band is releasing a self-titled EP at their headlining House of Blues Anaheim show on Oct 7. They will perform on Oct. 21 at The Continental Room in Fullerton.
They are planning a music video by spring.
            “We’re gonna play as many shows as we can,” Gardner said.

-Garrett Marshal


  1. I dig it man, thanks for the opportunity.
    one small thing though, you forgot to add Matt Pleskacz name to the photo caption...otherwise perfect

    -Travis Ruiz

  2. I love Jeramiah RED! Everyone needs to check these guys out!

  3. It's music that everyone likes to listen too!

  4. I have seen them twice at House of Blues in Anaheim and both times they had a bigger crowd then the headliner. First time was with Shooter Jennings and second was with Drivin' N Cryin'. I can't wait to hear more from these guys. They rock and are so down to earth. They have fun with what the do and their energy is unreal. I was happy to meet them and wish them sucsess!!