Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vampire Weekend at The Fox Theater in Pomona

Last night Vampire Weekend played a show at The Fox Theater in Pomona, CA and by all accounts it was amazing. TMP sent Eszter Zimanyi to cover the event along with photographer Flavia McBride, and next week we'll have a proper review posted along with some great photos. For now though, here is one of the 19 videos Eszter took along with the set list from last night's show: 

Set list: 

1. White Sky
2. Holiday
3. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
4. I Stand Corrected
5. M79
6. Bryn
7. California English
8. Cousins
9. Taxi Cab
10. Run
11. A Punk
12. One (Blake's Got A New Face)
13. Diplomat's Son
14. Giving Up The Gun
15. Campus
16. Oxford Comma


1. Horchata
2. Mansard Roof
3. Walcott

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