Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lady Gaga at Nokia 12/21

Hate her or love her, Lady Gaga has undoubtidly been
one of the most talke
d about artists of 2009.

Known for her bizarre and sometimes obscene antics (staging her suicide at the VMAs, breaking whiskey bottles on a piano at the AMAs), people often question whether there lies any musical substance under the kermit and body lace dresses.

I have to admit I bought The Fame expecting nothing more than a pop dance album (which everyone needs in their collection) and it delievered. Tracks like "Starstruck" and "Boys Boys Boys" had bubblegum lyrics such as, "Let's go see the Killers and makeout in the bleachers" that were lighthearted and somewhat laughable. But there were also tracks such as "Papparazzi" and "Poker Face", which gave a glimpse to a more serious side of GaGa. When The Fame Monster was released in November, I was suprised and happy to hear a more artistic side to GaGa. The bubblegum pop lyrics had been left in the gutter and replaced with visions of monsters and sexual inuendos.

I was excited to see which side would emerge on the stage of the Nokia on Monday, December 21st. She emerged solo in a light up leotard muttering De De De de de the begginning of her "Dance in the Dark" track and the electro pop opera began. Every aspect that has molded the image of Lady Gaga was present in this show, from the lavish outfits to the gothic-like vibe in her dancer's makeup. "Do you love me?" she asked the crowd and a wave of approval shattered the air as a response. There is no doubt in my mind that Gaga has popped the bubblegum layer that was once associated with her image and instead replaced it with her artistic visions. Although I do agree with Ann Powers that an underlying theme was sometimes hard to determine, this only the beginning for her and what a high bar she has set. I encourage anyone who can find tickets to the two other nights at Nokia (Dec 22nd and 23rd both are sold out) to go. Do not be afraid to release your inner monster and go crazy. Because for me the show was Am ma ma ma mazing.

Here's "Alejandro" live from last night's show:

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